KINGrinder | Showdown of K4 and K6

The deep comparison of the K4 and the K6.

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The comparison of the K4 grinder and the K6 grinder. Both are premium manual coffee grinders from KINGrinder. 

The grinders look like twins, they shared the same weight of 600+g, the same exterior adjustment design where 60 clicks per round, the same hopper volume of 30~35g, the shape of the conical ball. 


It is unable to recognize which is which without looking into it. 

The quickest way to identify the grinder is to remove the receiver and caught a glimpse of the burr set. The burr set of the K4 grinder is Titanium-Coated Burr whereas the K6 grinder is Stainless Steel Burr. 

The major and only different is the burr set design. 

The burr set design could affect your decision of purchasing the grinder. 

The K4 grinder is tailor-made for the espresso. Why is that? 

  • The Titanium-Coated Burr design 
  • The exterior design of 16 μm

The K6 grinder is the ultimate grinder of the combination for the functional features and the affordable price range among the industry. It is able to grind several methods. 

  • The Heptagonal Stainless Steel Burr design
  • The exterior design of 16 μm

Main method

  • Pour-over:

The K4 grinder is the espresso grinder whereas likely to taste the sweet flavor with the medium and dark-roasted coffee beans.

The K6 grinder is a versatile grinder capable to grind various coffee, it could taste the sour fruit flavor on the light-roasted coffee beans.

My favorite grinder is the K6 for pour-over.  

  • Espresso: 

Both K4 and K6 grinders are able to serve espresso with the same exterior adjustment of 60 clicks in around and there are 16 μm per click.

I personally favor the K4 grinder for espresso, the burr design is just perfect for it. 

The 16 μm per click is the cherry on top. 


It is difficult to identify the coffee grounds from the naked eye, but here goes …

  • 33 clicks

K4 grinder

K6 grinder 

  • 66 clicks

K4 grinder

K6 grinder 

  • 99 clicks

K4 grinder

K6 grinder


There are more videos of operating the grinder on YouTube

There is not much of a showdown rather than the comparison for the look-alike grinder.

Hope that you are getting more insight into these two grinders.  

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