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Exterior Adjustment of K4 | K6

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Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

The exterior adjustment design of the K4 and the K6 has made the adjustment design visible from internal to external. You don’t need to remove the receiver to set the desire grind size.

You would comprehend the exterior adjustment mechanism of the K4 and the K6 after reading this post.

The grinder’s component parts of the exterior adjustment design.

Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

1. Rotate the adjustment nut clockwise till tightened.

Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

***The corresponding number is zero and the number on the adjustment nut may not be the same as the number of clicks from the grind setting.***

Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

2. Rotate the adjustment nut anti-clockwise from the zero to your grind size.

Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

3. Rotate the adjustment nut anti-clockwise for a coarser grind and vice versa. 

Kingrinder | Exterior Adjustment

4. The grind setting for each brew method as reference.

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