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The difference between the KINGrinder grinder

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A comparison of the six grinders with exterior adjustment and interior adjustment in the KINGrinder models. The grinders have been released in the market for a while, the frequently asked question is what is the difference between the grinders since it all looks similar. You would comprehend all the grinders from the KINGrinder after reading this article. 


Exterior Adjustment (K4 and K6)

The design of the exterior adjustment is to bring the classic interior adjustment from the inner to outer. The calculated click is 16 μm (microns) from a click to the next click, 10 clicks per number and a total of 60 clicks per round.


Kingrinder K4 grinder

One of the premium grinders in KINGrinder. The perfect manual coffee grinder for the espresso due to the large burr design of Titanium-Coated Burr (same as the K3) and exterior adjustment of 16 μm per click. It is able to grind two cups of double-shot espresso. And likely taste the sweetness on the medium-roasted or medium dark-roasted coffee beans in pour-over drinking.


Kingrinder K6 grinder

The K6. Another one of the premium grinders in KINGrinder. An ultimate grinder capable to grind various coffee, you could tell it is a versatile grinder by the heptagonal stainless steel large burr design and its exterior adjustment. It could taste the sour fruit on the light-roasted coffee beans for pour-over.

Interior Adjustment (K1, K2, K3, K5)

The interior adjustment is the classic design for a hand grinder. There are 18 μm (microns) between clicks and 4 clicks equal a number and to combine 40 clicks per round. 


Kingrinder K1 grinder

Smaller burr design of 38mm with the capacity of a single cup, it is unable to support espresso and Turkish coffee. An ideal grinder to whom just began to drinking coffee.


Kingrinder K2 grinder

A most economic grinder amongst the KINGrinder model. The K2 with a burr design of 48mm size and able to serve all the brew methods. The K2 would surprise you with the taste as it is the best budget manual coffee grinder amongst the market.


Kingrinder K3 grinder

The manual coffee grinder for espresso - K3. The burr design of 48mm is the Titanium-Coated Burr (same as the K4). The K3 is a good bargain if you looking for an espresso grinder with 18 μm per click that could handle all the espresso machines. 


Kingrinder K5 grinder

A mini version of the K6 that shares the same 48mm heptagonal stainless steel burr which has the best better grinding consistency amongst the other models. The major difference is the adjustment design. You could taste the same premium taste as the K6 at a fewer price.  


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